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Emily Larson

Young Adult Mystery Writer

Release TBD

I Would Lie For You

When high school seniors Knox, Valeria, Ivan and Sasha accidentally start a fire that destroys a building, arson is the least of their problems. The body of their former friend - turned bully is discovered at the site and foul play is suspected. The friends question one another's innocence and in the process secrets come to light. What really happened that night and who is telling the truth in I Would Lie For You? 

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Emily Larson has a degree in English from a small Minnesota state college she picked at random out of a bag. She taught middle school English for almost ten years both in Minnesota and Virginia. When she isn't writing she is listening to Dolly Parton, watering plants, watching Marvel movies or wrangling her two small children. She believes ghosts are real, Halloween is the best holiday and pineapple belongs on pizza. 

Emily's social media is managed by digital creator Mandy B


As always, stay spooky. 

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